Japan day 3

it's great to be a insomniac from canada, because i now am tired at the right time!
i'm glad the winter sales are still on going because i thought that going so late in Jan. that i've missed out!
however yesterday going to angelic pretty/prisila i've used i think maybe half my money already.
Very brutal
and i need 1/4 of what i have left for bus tix/emergency money on my last day
and the other 1/4 for food and w.e i want

I thought you know i have lots of money but things here are about the same price in canada. So meaning.. 1400$cad isn't alot in canada and in japan it's still isn't alot.

things I noticed on my first day
-old people have funky hair color!
- i saw the biggest 7-11 sigh EVER
- on the way to to shinjuku i saw a very packed cemetery
- went to gay district
-waited in the cold for 2hrs

day 2
- i <3 donki hote
- found hachiko
- went to la foret/prisila
- DIA is awsome

- went by myself to tokyo eki did not find cheaper currency exchange
- ventured by myself
-noticed that very few men in japan have any love in them. It seems almost even a married couple the pair has mutual understanding... kind of like room mates that do their own thing but care for each other when at home or when significant other is around
... more to come

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