Thai explorations


I have never had authentic thai food yet. One day I'll fly there and taste the truth =)

For now, I only have an idea what I think Thai food should taste like.

Today we are trying Longtail kitchen in new west. It's situated in market similar to Granville island except there's a lot less of everything but is newer and has so much more flair.

Rotti seems a bit fusionized. That have condensed milk on it... I feel like it's missing peanut sauce and feels like Hong long street sweets too.

Pad Thai, nothing special, which I'm very disappointed.

Fried oysters, omg order this! It's so simple! But so delicious. Fresh oyster is always key but the batter ain't bad either lol. Now the sauce is really something. Its um..very herbally? Fragrant? I'm not sure how to describe it, other then it's what I expect Thai food to taste like. I don't know what authentic Thai taste like but in my mind it taste something like this.

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