Dr. Douglas Moore - Chinese Medicine

On Monday, I went to a Chinese herb store for dried chrysanthemum flowers for tea. There we a saw Caucasian Chinese medicine doctor, which is very rare to see.  Apparently, he had been living in china and probably studying there for most parts of his life.

Meet Douglas Moore, a registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioner at Beijing Trading Co. Ltd.

Surprising, no? It's actually a really good idea that he speaks english english fuently, since I fail to express what's wrong with me in Chinese. Anyways, so why would I choose to suffer their crazy bitter concoctions? It's because they believe in healing you or more accurately they believe in balancing you from the inside out. It can't possible be any worse from where I am now!

I have a variety of problems
- constant low fevers
- always fatigued especially at the end of work needing rest 
- hard time falling asleep (and don't tell me it's because I don't sleep early enough, 130am is late but 130am - 930am ish is exactly 8hrs, no more and no less)
- crazy bloating and weight fluctuation 
- recently breaking out really bad

I can't remember what exactly he's said because I was quite distracted by one sentence he said. Here's the just of it maybe you can guess what im so distracted by lol.

Your Yang?? Is imbalance and your pores are opening closing at the wrong times. thus your energy comes out of your pores around the afternoon (he's talking about the fever and exhaustion, how does he know it starts in the afternoon??!! I never mentioned it!!) and the he tells me about what he thinks of my PMS-ing, I'm not going to go into detail about this and yes the doctor will ask you for every last detail about your period.

Meds start tomorrow wish me luck!

My energy is leaking out of my pores..... WOW I believe you up to that sentence, I still believe but you have to stop lololololol

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