Off to watch the oscars and a lot of food


I couldn't resist! I swear this is the last lama!!

Today's menu is a charcuterie plate (oyama sausage co.) and wine.
I've taken notice that their fairly inexpensive house made ham prosciutto is excellent.

Roast from Granville island. They always sell such good quality meat. I was surprised that this one had some gristle! I'm not sure if is was seasoned already by the company, but other than the tough inedible part it was very good.  All I know is some vegetables were tossed in and we were all down to watch the Oscars.

(Editor comments:  The roast is actually seasoned by yours truly, so that's why it tasted so good.  Not bad, especially since it was prepped quickly and then popped into the oven last minute while watching Oscars.)

Dessert is frozen strawberry yogurt. We all played around a bit and added beet/tomato/celery juice to it. It's a gross thought but it tasted okay!

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