Chinese potions - Part 1/6


I forgot to mention, there is no fee to see doctor only if you buy your prescription. If you don't want to buy the herbs it will be $10 appointment fee. For me I am prescribed 3 bags of herbs which will last 6 days for $27 ($4.5/day)

To make "Chinese potions" you take the entire bag of herbs throw it in a pot and add X ammmount of water and boil for 1 hr until 1 cup is left. You may also receive a small pkg of herbs which you put into the brew 5mins before its done. For me, I am to drink half a cup in the morning and another half in the afternoon, no later then 1-2pm

I forgot to mention the extras
- do not eat red meat especially beef (unless it is organic and hormone free)
- don't drink cool and cold things
- stop with the rooibos 
- be aware you may be emotional

I am so tired today it's not even funny. Today I am going to use the Chinese medicine auto brewing ceramic kettle. I thought it would be easier until the second time around, because I had measure how much liquid i had in the kettle and caught it in time to pour. However when I thought it was one at 1 hr I poured in the 5min pkg...idk if I screwed it up already..

Second round I let my parents watch over it for me, since they are very familiar with the process.
I ended up with only half a cup and I was so annoyed because

- it took 2 hours or more when I'm suppose to boiling for 1 (is this going to affect the meds?!)
- half a cup?! I'm suppose to drink 1 cup (if I salvage it with some hot water does that count?!)

Next time I'm going to just use a clay pot and watch it myself.

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