Tapioca for Zephyr


Sometimes customer service is everything, or just human decency makes or breaks it. Originally I was at tapioca cafe, and I was seated at a small table. The menu was thrown at the table, which I ignored and politely asked to sit at the 4 seater table. She saids "those are for four people". I pointed to the table in the corner which had two people sitting at a larger table, and said that they're sitting there. Then motioned at the half empty restaurant with plenty of large tales. Now she is even more irritated and gives me the "are you stupid" tone and repeats "those are for four people". 
The only reason I am insisting on a larger table is because I'll be doing my taxes and I need the room. However because of her poor attitude and eye rolling is so annoying, me and dear heart decided to go to another venue. I as a customer do not need to go to a restaurant that gives me attitude nor do i need to rant and rave about it. The previous owner of this restaurant did not hold up well and the the restaurant crumble. Now, with a new owner and fresh coat of paint, it makes no difference when they have staff that show how clearly they hate their job. 

We took our business else where and went to try out Zephyr. The staff there are super happy what a huge contrast!
They are decently price, and have many mini dinner sets to choose from. Sadly NO MILK POT!
Their taiwanese popcorn chicken, is not bad. My favorite item on menu so far is the taiwanese meat sauce? On rice. I just wish they would have put more meat on top of the rice and a little less sauce. 
Oh and did I mention it's $4?

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