St. Patrick's day


St Patrick's day always seem so uneventful for me, and also a let down too...

Morning started out with seeing the doc and then having a light meal at Besties. I'm glad they got their liquor license, it's seems even more cooler now lol.

Did my nails on Sunday, you'll have to excuse my neglect towards my cuticles.
What I used  is
Dior ridge filler - petal pink as base
Deborah lippman - build me up butter cup, mermaids dream, boom boom pow
NPW nail art - jewel collection 

My favorite Irish beer is Kilkenny. It's very frothy and creamy, but the best part is how light it is on the tongue, not just in taste but in weight as well.

So here I am again with dear heart, and our friends have decid to no show. Are we that unpopular?  Anyways the funny thing is the same friend that ditched us last year, did the same thing again. She was all amped up to go and looking for best locations too, but in the end it was a no show.

I got over it eventually, besides we were in the same bar as last year and got the same table too lol. Seems like its becoming a tradition soon in 2 person world. 

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