Medina Cafe and Aquarium


Apparently everyone has been to Medina cafe, except loser me. I've seen it many times when I was in college, but I mis-took Medina as Chambar (I'm guessing they are the same owner). Now that I've sorted this all out in my head, here I am with the prince and princess.

Today we are having:
2 fried egg, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, water cress, applewood cheddar. Grilled focaccia.

It's a bit much first thing in the morning but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when the egg yolk runs all over the braised succulent short ribs over a nice grilled focaccia. Can you imagine that bit of heaven with some gravy? 

I also had a lavender latte.

Make sure you are there early or right before last call because this tiny place is packed, including the bar seats.

Jellyfish exhibit! I think they changed the aquarium a little. I don't remember if I saw these guys last time. The spotted jelly reminds me of クララ from jellyfish princess anime. 

Here is a picture of the turtle eating sand, poor guy honestly needs a bigger tank. Hopefully there is a new tank waiting for him in their renovation plans.

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