Monday was so much fun


Well the day started off sort of late, with coffee at Musette. Obviously blonde me did not realize that I am at their newly opened second location. In which, I commented to the cashier, "oh you guys look so much like that bicyclist coffee shop some where else." as my turtle dove nudges me with a dumb smile, to indicate my blonde-ness.

Then I went antique shopping and according to some people, that is "junk shopping". To my horror and surprise I found a pile of hollowed out preserved mice, like taxidermy. Then I saw some feet! As I thought to myself "my! Dont those look like chinchilla feet!" I cleared some paper weights that was blocking my view and found a chinchilla. I felt very tempted to touch the ears, but was too chicken to do it. That's when the owner popped by, trying to sell me the chinchilla shell. Apparently, it was a collection owned by a professor. Regardless, if they are going to mutilate a dead body they could at least make it beautiful, just like the life-like taxidermied animals at the museum. 

Anyways I found two cute teacups made in the 50s (which I will tell you about in the next post).

I'm mainly in boonieland today because I am looking for dried chrysanthemum for tea. Did you know that when you are parched in the summer, that this is the best thing to drink cold? Add a touch of honey and you will be amazed by how refreshing this is, along with the fact that it helps vanquish acne!

As usual, in a Chinese herb store you will also find a chinese doctor. Honestly, I don't know why I listened to dear heart to see him, but I will tell you all about it in the next post. 

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