Michael Kors review


The only things I like from MK, is the iPhone wristlet. I finally received one of these for Christmas. It is very nice! It feels like it has a lot of attitude, but I realize I am not fond of cross body bags. It's sucks that there is no optional wrist strap.

It's now about 3 months and I have discovered the the leather on the inside has cracked. I'm surprised leather would crack! Did you know they have 1 year warranty!? (I didn't know !) I brought it back, and they said  they couldnt fix it, so i can exchange it for something equal or more value.

Honestly I don't like much from this company. It just doesnt suit me. What am I going to choose now? The iPhone wristlets colors this season is only so-so. However there is a bag that sort of caught my eye.

In person the stripes is actually lighter in color and the over all feel is less obnoxious. I had originally gravitated towards it but I felt like it looked a little hoochie mama-ish. Also at a price of $350 and not all leather i was put off. 

Of the many items in there, i still came back to this bag. Since the print is more muted it feels more like a "I've gone to a dessert oasis paradise and come back and this is my trusty bag that held everything"

Also it's part of the new line up and the bottom line is I can't find anything else. I might as well upgrade. 

The faux draw string fooled me into thinking the opening of the bag is small and will make finding items in this bag a hassel, but that really isn't the case lol. It is very spacious inside and has 4 pockets (I think one  of them is especially made for the iphone) It also has 1 additional zipper pocket and a key clip!

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