Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying fusion. Only the select few can accomplish such unique oddities

Crispy chicken 
Fried terrine, sweet and sour sauce
- I thought it was burned, or maybe they didn't change their deep fryer oil, why is it so dark? And slightly bitter tasting?  Its almost as good as Wendy's breaded chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. Props to the fact it's probably not as processed meet as Wendy's? And it's most likely fresh... I hope

BBQ pork buns
-Pulled pork in Chinese BBQ sauce, seared buns and pickles 
I'm happy that they manage to do this well

Black tea, popped grains
- I think there is more to this then they listed. its very flavorful and you might miss this on their menu. It is in the "sides" section. Despite it is a side, it was also the best dish tonight.

Crispy pork belly
Hong kong BBQ style, choy, sweet and sour jus
- I'm so excited when this arrived. Isn't it pretty? It's like art, so much expression and movement, like leaves in the wind... Yea that's about it... Don't eat it...
It's ridiculously dry. Since when did HK BBQ pork belly become so dry? How skinny was the pig?! 
Even last night siu yuk left overs is not as dry. WTH

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