Something about that bagel


Arrived at this hip new joint on main and I was quite taken with the baker. He is taking ROWS of bagels out of the fire oven with a long wooden stick. Then with a loud smack they all go flying in the air and into a bucket!!

Today I am having a buttered cinnamon bagel. It's almost like french toast. I also got to try their breakfast bagel, that was really yummy and I'm glad it's not drowned in oil.

Usually I order rosemary rock salt. It's like unique herbal aroma and taste, finished off with some salt. It's even better with a "light" spread of their dill cream cheese.

If you ever get a chance to go, it's right infront of the bus stop on main st.

Rosemary Rocksalt 
2515 main st.
Vancouver BC Canada 

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