Lolita Anniv. and Melissa

Well the anniversary was a bit of a disaster... I can't believe Anne waited x.x she must of waited forever x.x... as I slept late last night from Lin's color.
  1. But you know what... Anne and Traci were the only one there, everyone else .. "change" to maybe status and then on day of cancel too..
So~! Thank you Anne and Traci the only ones that cared
and yea the people who had to work are excused -_-

We went to whole foods to have a small lunch and we also picked out a dessert we like and headed out.

Since we forgot to bring something to sit on we passed on the secret park picnic and wen to yaletown to look for awesome furniture shop.

Soon after Anne had to go catch the ferry.

George caught up with us and took me and Traci back my house.

Melissa came over to my house for up do. And then we were off to her bday party

Dinner was at Sanafir, food there is to share, as well if you book in advance you can rent the bed to lie around and eat too XD!

Happi Bday Mel~

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