Helena Bday

I had planned today to the hour and min. and wiggle room too! But I relyed on someone else and that was my down fall of my perfect plan. I booked Helena in at 9AM to do up do (1hr extra 30mins just in case or to rest or take shower) of course I dont know how you can be late Helena! you are at my house almost every week -_-....
I relied on her to phone me (and she did) as my alarm clock to start the day. At 1030AM color Jarratt hair, cut his sisters hair and then wash his hair and cut too

Even though Helena was late I still manage to do everything at 2pm (started at like 11am)

Went with Jarrett to pick up his toner for his printer, he helped me out by going to Fruiticana in Richmond to look for Henna. I found it but then it's expired.... does that still work? is it bad for my skin? so I passed.

I then went to meet up with Helena bday party (they went for photoshoot) I met them at Meloty. I have doubts at this place as I went there along time ago, with not a lot of money and as a student too
10$ for a tiny triangle beef strudel and 10$ tea cup of coffee
Needless to say it's very expensive and left me ridiculously hungry. I went next store to one of my favorite restaurants Hon Ju, and had extremely tasty and filling Korean hot pot for about 6$.. back then..

However this time, with a better job and not a student any more but with a student loan. I'm better off this time and can afford it. I was looking forward to the "all you can eat" high tea Helena had told me about, or the dinner menu.
At the time arrive there is no dinner menu as lunch was just done and I could not order the unlimited high tea service either ( even though I was WILLING to pay that kind of money)
Instead I had the waffle+drink combo ($15.99) It's looks very good, the coffee is wonderful but...really 15$ for this for lunch? at this asian want to be decorated poorly western restaurant. Ok.. well it is kinda pretty though....
There's a VIP room too and of course them being asian, it cost 1000$ to rent it. No wonder they dont have any business and need to change owners (as rumors say) and always closed down for so called renovations ( which still looks the same as last time I was there)
I'd say this would be a nice place for brunch or breakfeast, at that price for light breakfeast in a beautiful place is worth it. But me being starved all day and stressed I can take my 15$ go next door to the korean place or go to the italian place people watch the artists there and have steak or modern cafe with AIR CON or comfort food at french canadian cafe for 15$ and I would be STUFFED!
15$ for this beautiful waffle is not worth it for lunch
they're other item was 3 pastries and a drink
One of the girls put it like this (she got caramel egg pudding, jello, fruit tart with only one scoop of fruit on it)
she goes down the line "safe way pudding mix, jello powder, asian bakery"

I would have rather gone to Sutton (26?28$incl tax+tip) With enough food to be full and still have some to pack for a light snack or picnic the next day. but as Helena put it, some people dont have the money, and that Meloty is much more beautiful -_- if you want beauty and good food to go up the price goes up, I would have taken the group to one of the smaller tea houses that look very antique inside.

When I go to these meet ups I feel headaches creep up on me, as the organizer, Helena does not take control of the meet. She lets everyone do as they please, even when we had a calculation problem, she was not present to take charge, of course I do and everyone will percieve me as bossy and un approachable.
If I didn't we would have dilly dallied for another hour not leaving because the table that was short 6$ doesn't know they're short 6$
Finally we were outside we take our group photo and they still yapping away with no direction. I dont mind this after we make a decision and they can yap all they want on the way. Of course they miss their 7pm showing of the movie, which doesn't really matter since they're so w.e they went for the 9pm
For me and when I organize a party, I know what are schedule is and it can't be too big as it's hard to move a big group, and keep them moving to different and beautiful views.

But I must remind myself, this is not my party, stay calm, young girls want to be leaders too, they just have to learn.

After much starvation today I met up with Herman and we went to Bonsai (retardedly pukingly huge sushi) I had California roll value of around $3 completely filling kinda healthy and completely filling while watching the Sun set over Iona beach.

We then drove about and had Parfait <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fW7Hz_rYvm0/TEQWUF55pqI/AAAAAAAAAKg/zotb3Il1n_M/s1600/IMG_0637.jpg">

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