Another macaron

wow today was completely the wrong day to wear a sweater...
it was cold in the morning so I wore my now new favorite sweater x.x

I was just dying in it some time afternoon.

Afterwork while I was waiting for Herman to come pick me up I decided I should go again!
to Stewarts Bakery? to buy another macaron! Today the oven must of been too hot, most of the macaron was a lil yellow brown and cracked @.@ none the less awsome then last time!

Since I had so much time! I went and dropped by La Baguette et L'Echalote bakery.
To my suprise! their over priced macaron is now down sized and slightly less expensive for the samller one!
I didn't feel like trying theirs just because they are a hit or miss, and usually its complete miss, under/over cooked
the odd time tho its PERFECT
Today I tried their small tiramisu macaron. MMMMMMMM!
the filling is perfect, the shell however was odd, were they adjusting their recipe?
It was crunchy but it was like dusty crunch like it crumbled to dust, not very chewy but wayy to sweet the dust was like just sugar cube crumbling to sand @.@ weird..

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