After I get off work Helena and BB was with me. I had a long day so I was closing really slow, After that I did my make up, we went to the market....
I discovered that Stewart bakery they're attempting the French Macaroon again! and this time they are much bigger~ and they're actually crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside!
I had the raspberry and a chocolate one
oooh the chocolate one was soo good .. the inside was some really nicely made chocolate cream?

Finally met up with Alice and Kim...which they were 2 hours late I knew they were going to be late by an hour but now two... somewhat pissed.

We arrive at the alley looking like we're going to do something bad XD
We're going to the Storyeum.... complete disappointment ... it's suppose to be amazing and underground etcetc

Inside not enough people and sort... but it was nice we could see some pretty lanterns and such
It felt nice seemed like some exclusive party with entertainment too!

but I have to say.. it was nicer when they were at Trout Lake... with the forest/lake and stuff made it much much more magical..

After that we went to Guu gastown XD had my usual and my most favorite foods
sake mojito, sashimi salad, salmon and 7 friends, kimichi udon
now a days I think new combo like
sake mohito sashimi salad and salmon 7 friend is enough XD

before eating with BB I order everything I like
sake mojito, sashimi salad, salmon and 7 friends, maguro with 5 color sauce, kimichi udon, smth from the special menu

these days I really need to cut down on the garlic in take x.x
getting mild heart burns and of course the really horrible garlic burps!

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