Long Time No See

To start off, John was suppose to hang out with me but last min. flakes!
I woke up early to help my brother buy beer and in return he drove me to downtown so I can pick up hair color for Sharon... I'm suppose to do her hair color... if I manage to get it today..
and so I get home, rest a bit and then John tells me he's flaking...
I call everyone and the only person that answered my call is Lin.
^-^ we met up at the sky train and we went bargain shopping!
Specifically I'm looking for henna, because the one I got done is fading, and I want to keep it just a little longer!
We look all up and down Fraser and Main st. I found tons only one place got my attention.
We also found a decent pastry shop,
After that we still had plenty of time we went together to metro, because Lin tells me that Forever XXI has some good stuff ... just have to look

So we went there and I found the most perfect skool uniform type shirt ever! both me and Lin buy it together ^_^

on the way out we stop by Mimi Queen cause I spy with my little asian eyes a sale!
buy one get one free!
and I did spot a super cute summer dress ... to me the dress reminds me of icecream specifically vanilla, mint, chocolate ^_^

I tried it on and I think it looks really pretty but then when Lin tried it on @.@... so pretty on her T=T... jealous... doesn't discourage me as I really like it
in the end we also bought the same dress^_^
to our suprise (price tag saids 39.99) when we were there paying the cashier told us the total is
so in the end we spen approx 12$ when we split the price @.@

at this time I'm rushing home to do Sharons hair but then she said she's tired from work =/... ok..
plus i'm late>.< she must hate me by now..

On the way home, I realize my should the plastic bit on the heel is broken T_T
I ended up taking the bus and walking a bit to get home
because everyone who was about to drive flaked T_T

I get home and quickly change and kinda do my hair because Kim and Alice invite me out.
I suggest parfait at my new fave parfait place!

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