Un-expected Lolita Meet

I woke up late, but I wanted to try this new hairstyle on myself as practice before I did Helena's Hair. Three rollers on top and three on each side.
twist into sections and pin. Unfortunately my hair is too thing, and cannot look full even with back combing. instead with tons of extentions in my hair, I swept almost everything to the side.
Of course knowing me, I'll never make it to the lolita party on time, I played dress up! Finally a chance to show off my henna!

Finally after a VERY long time I made my way to down town at Centry House club/restaurant

The service isn't the best. It took FOREVER to waive the waitress down and there was only two other tables not including my table.

I ordered a steak medium rare, they took their sweet time making it, and when it arrived it was almost cooked fully. Which is waay to rough for me and i REFUSE to eat it. They made no fuss to make me a new one, I was thankful! The pricing there is fair, it is not expensive nor in expensive. You can expect a bill about 15-20$ / person for lunch.
Very beautiful decor there. http://www.clubzone.com/c/Vancouver/Restaurant/Century_House.html

Some of the girls had to leave by now, but everyone was nice enough to go with me to Sephora so I can fix my make up and buy new eyeliner. I am sick of the pen type. It's a great way to handle a liquid eye liner and I totally recommend the Shu Uemura or MAC but they both dry out, not enough of the eyeliner liquid comes out, so now I've got back to the pot type, it's easier now to use after I got the hang of the pen type! Urban Decay "perversion" is blacker then black!

We all went to Night Market as Anne has never been to before.
We had a wonderful time, I even got to meet up with Traci for a little bit ^-^

BB even bought me a Macaron fan!!!!!!!
BB hasn't bought me anything for a long time

Sometimes I think perhaps he can't buy me anything because I already buy it before he can or maybe I'm too particular?

I've already told him two things I like but now I feel like asking, " Are you going to get it for me? Because I'm waiting and if your not going to then i'm getting it for my self as soon as i have the money!"

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