Hectic Day

To start off last night, I went to bed early! like 2am early =P
next day I'm awake on time and met up with Kim, he drove me back to my house so I could cut his hair. Completely confusing and slightly pissed, I phoned him to plan a day to go to one of the warehouses together, and then he suggested maybe I could cut his hair after, I agreed.
I phoned him the night before today, to confirm and let him know i'm not at home he needs to pick me up from BB house to go to warehouse, and he's like "oh cut my hair first" so i'm like... okay..

In the end what really happened is that he "forgot" and he booked himself a haircut after I cut his hair and then going to hang out with friends?
What happened to "lets go hang out and go to the warehouse browsing?" and him replying he hasn't got anything planned fairly opened.
Wow..... way to go Kim! the point of today was the warehouse, i'm "sure" you forgot -_-
Anyways it didn't really matter, he dropped me off on Granville bridge and I took the bus down. Visited one of the warehouses in downtown, picked up a color for myself and then skytrained all way to commercial station to some other warehouse and just browsed.
I was there really took look for this one nail polish by Essie, Mint Candy Apple
The first time I lay my eyes on that color I was floored, I could not stop thinking about it. I've read some reviews about it, the color is very populare but there is some product flaw. That it streaks and needs several layers to be a solid color.
My review:
It only took one coat to paint my toes, and no the big toe didn't streak, none of them did
Durability isn't bad, after I painted my toes and let them dry i went and took a bath and shower, amazingly it's still there nothing is flaking off!Why I docked a point off:
the brush, is soo... tiny, maybe why people are having streaking problems because the brush is so thin! Unlike OPI brushes they fan out quite nicely!

So back to my day. I'm at commercial area warehouse. They do not have that nail color (found out later that night that this color was the winter collection..) So I picked up Shimmer Lights blue shampoo as my past teacher told me it wasn't bad and makes ur hair sparkle (boy does it sparkle) not very conditioning as my teach once told me. But what makes this special because it isn't blue, it's blue purple. Most silver shampoo (for toning blonds) are usualy royal dark navy ish blue, or some are waayy to purple.

Lets think of the color wheel! Directly across from blue is Orange, directly across from Yellow, is Purple.
Colors that are opposites of each other neutralize each other!

-For those blondes out there that are brassy (aka orange) needs a blue shampoo/conditioner but be careful too much blue will make your blonde green

- For those ash blondes out there or platinum you dont really like yellow or orange as the two colors are waayy to warm for you then you need a purple shampoo or a mix of purple and blue
how ever if your not careful! your hair will actualy take on a hue of blue and or purple!

plus the Shimmer Lights.. has sparkles in it i think?
oooh... shiney~~~
After being much dissapointed unable to find the mint nail polish I only picked up two nail files ( as i've lost the ones at home or they're dull-ing), shampoo, and a brush for Helena.
I then rode to metro and bought the ever so expensive nail polish at a actual store -_- for 5$ more *heavy sigh*

I walked all around metro completely bored out of my mind and tired so I sat for a while. Waiting for BB, because he said he'd come stay with me.

Since he took forever I went to Crystal. Guess what I found! a almost perfect puffy fur ball phone strap thing i've wanted for a WHILE from Jesus Diamnte AND I was willing to pay the ridiculous 100$ approx for it. Found it for 20$ saids it's suppose to be LizLisa but i'm skeptical since Crystal mall has many replica. I dont really care I just want the fluffy ball!
I also picked up a contact lenses case! looks like something from Anna Sui but i dont think it is, has lenses case and those tweezers that i'm not sure what they're for and bottle for the solution. I technically only needed the bottle but I wanted a copact box with everything it. If i had to bring everything not in a small compact box then i'd loose something some where @.@

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