Shu Uemura 2010 winter

I was so late to Shu Uemura make up event thing.
Anyways I got these lashes cause well.. the hearts! of course hearts~!
Unfortunately when she put the ones on the top they didn't really stick up the way i thought it would. So I think next time i'll only put it on the bottom.
They also did this thing where they customize lashes with crystals and stickers @_@
I wanted one of the samples they made with a few crystals and bows =(

Met up with Scottie, he was super late. We walked around downtown again. I wanted to go to metro but since we were both late wakers, no possible way to make it there before close on a Sunday.
As we tried to think of a place to eat, we stop by various hair places. T_T why do they not make hair spray the good ones in travel size?!
We decided in the end we'll go to Guu wasn't big on it but how can I say no to salmon and 7 friends XD
I tried a new drink some sort of fresh muddled strawberries and some alcohol together. It was so pointless to drink. Less then 5secs. your straw would be stuck with some piece of strawberry.
Afterward I wanted to go for drinks so we stopped at the alcohol store near oakrdige but realized it was closed. So we decided to skytrain all the way to SW marine drive and saw the bus pass by.

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