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I don't know why I don't do it, I get a ridiculously early preview of hair / nail / beauty products that I can give reviews but then kinda broke for buy these extra things @_@ though I could do a donation box from paypal but then who and why would they help me??

Burlesque by OPI
I was already very intrigued by the collection when I first saw it maybe two?three months ago. I didn't buy it then as the mini weren't out yet. I really do hate buying the big ones, I can't even finish half the bottle let alone a third of it before it starts separating.
The color you get in "Burlesque little teasers"
Rising star - warm gold with lustrous fine sparkles
Take the stage - least favorite but very pretty orange
The show must go on - medium amount sparkle hot red pink
Ali big break - I was going to say no to this as it is red but when I tried it on it has a hint of pink minimal sparkle in this. Red is like finding a red lipstick, it's not for everyone. But OPI had done a excellent job with this by adding a hint of pink so that everyone can wear without hesitating
( you know how it's like un-hygienic to try on nail polish but it's so pretty in the bottle…)

The next I also bought, unfortunately in a regular size bottle.
From Burlesque line "Bring on the bling"
Why is it so hard to find a decent nail polish bling?! Finally here is ! With dominant gold sparkled and a touch of colorful sparkles too! Is the sparkly line from Burlesque! you will find that it is injected with so much sparkle that one coat is almost plenty.

Hopefully I will bring myself to buy Joico kpack steam?hot? Damage/mending treatment. Dunno if my clients would use it or it'll just be me. Thoughts??

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