Bakers Market

I could barely wake up this morning in time to text Abe that I'll be super late to meet up with him.
Really not much there, not too sure why they moved it from the original place as there were like maybe less then 20 bakers? each only covering one table and some covered two?
any how I didn't see the cute bear macaron, could you imagine my severe disappointment?
Top some sort of cake on a stick by Vanilla pod
Bottom macron peppermint/lemon by Buttercup
-still needs some work, it crumbles into sugar and the filling has crystallized into sugar
Right- they seemed to be not fresh as the shell has soften but I can tell the inside is cooked perfectly chewy, the best was Lavender and Rose by Fur Elise

We then went window shopping for gloves for Abe instead @_@ we ended up with him playing dress up at Urban Out Fitters

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