Hair Days

As you can see, not the piecey looks i wanted but ......... not too bad either, another usual hair do i already know how to do T_T i want to do more!
models where are you?!
I was at a family dinner. Food is great blahblah
Main issue. I don't know what it is that I deserve to be treated the way I do by my cousins and especially my brother. My mother saids they are just teasing you. Teasing me is one thing and then insulting my family, my mother my father and my grandparents is another thing. Let alone insulting me.
It hurts. What did I do to deserve their petty insults. Including demeaning comments. Is it because I don't fight back with you?

As for my brother he has no respect at all for anyone or responsibility for other peoples lives. Even when I scold him he probably hates me. Maybe it's a phase? But I wasn't as bad as he was. For whatever reason it is, my parents feel they can trust him more then me. As i point out to them, that he's getting out of hand, I was never out of hand and that he deserves some sort punishment for his bad behavior not just letting him do w.e he pleases...They said they never punished me, but I never needed to be punished!~ I never skipped class for the reason "because i don't want to" and other things.I may have been rebellious, but never was I reckless and irresponsible like he was.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in those heads to think of such things to say to me. Does it make them feel empowered? or does it make them feel cool because they can pick on me?
The uncles and aunties teased me but it was at least lightly not mercilessly. What is up with this side of family like this? treating me like so? My beginning entries was also about them...
So cruel..

I dont remember what the insults were other then one that really vexed me. Everything is blocked..........I wish I could remember

It isn't like I said much? Anyways I'm glad Stanley came to the rescue, he came by picked me up for dessert. I so needed a drink. mmmm baileys!

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  1. Super pretty hair and make up. @__________@ I'm sorry about your family!