Dunbar haunted house

Fri 29 October
Most unfortunately I am covering someone today at work. Soooo… there was no way I could dress up for the haunted house-ness. I could of been one of the ghoulies !! =(
After waiting for a long time and screw ups on the way me made it there at about 7ish and didn't make it in till 10?11?
I didn't feel like I waited that long possibly because I had BB and Helena there. Though annoying thing did happen while in line. There was a group of boys behind us that were maybe having a sugar rush? because they were quite obnoxious and kept harassing the actors and two girls between me and them. Eventually the girls left and we were stuck with them. Great thing though, their "adult" stepped in so that they could run off to get snacks. While we played with sparklers ^_^ bb brought for us to enjoyed and be distracted for good half hour!When they came back it seemed like they were worse, now harassing every actor walking by, and screaming along with little kids that were screaming because they heard the victims in the haunted house screaming. Their so called adult, maybe one of the fathers, told the very obnoxious one " that's enough… stop encouraging the younger kids screaming"
So much for even being firm about it. About five mins later they started up again. Now BB was getting extremely irritated, he finally blew up when one of them screamed in both our ears. BB scolded them and they were a little taken back.
***to hear more about this rant scroll down to the stars*****

going through the haunted house was pretty good XD the only bad thing was we all kind of rushed through it and the traps weren't reset in time for my group. The cutest thing was a girl dressed as a plant, she did give us a scare while she sat in a pot. But she had the cutest voice ever!!
Everything in the house the decoration was top notch almost like a movie!!

I'm amazed … this kind of behavior would never be tolerated in a asian family. First for bothering people in a unfashionable manner. Second for making a fool of themselves screaming (indirectly embarrassing the parent) and lastly having someone else scold the child is ultimate humiliation for the parent,( indirectly telling the parent that they have done a bad job raising the boys.)
I mean the first offense wouldn't be so bad if they were lightly teasing the girls and actors, as a joke but they clearly had gone too far and started bothering other people, why didn't the adult step in ? Is this what white people think that this kind of behavior is acceptable because the boys are young? Or because they act that way too and it's seen as a joke. If your going to accuse me of being racist then according to this, in my life time of all the white people including CBC ive met/chatted with from work/school/random places it seems that 40% of them act like those boys or the parent. At least a favorable 60% i'll most likely meet a well mannered person. So now you say "how about asian people, you forgot to criticize them!"
Okay … uhh they're full of zen and manage to let everything go =P

I'm joking if u couldn't tell !
Asian people …
With most children, god forbid the child indirectly embarrass the parents! When they get home innocently thinking they didn't get yelled at in the car or at the place that they haven't done ne thing wrong, the parent scold the life out of them. Worst case scenario they'll be beat >_< thankfully we are all in Canada !!!
Second dealing with problems most of them ignore it and let it brew inside till they finally explode on innocent soul like their significant other or bff.
Towards other people/kids most likely they let the other person fall and pick up their misfortune if there is ne. Then again a lot of people do it not only Asians.

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