Models needed

Finally!!! A new ageha magz I've been waitin to get another one for some time now!!
… been feeling kinda crappy not being able to get new magazines for my hair clients -_-
besides ageha is only worth buying one every 3 ish issues, otherwise they all start looking the same
Which this one still does look a bit like the other ones!
On another note!

INEEDHair models!!
must be
- free for 2ish hours
- have at least just past shoulder length or longer hair
- must be open to any style updo to my choice

So why not get pretty hair for free?!
Why not get pretty hair everyday till I get the hang of it?!

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  1. the hairdo in that photo is so cool :)

  2. Asap
    Morning / afternoons
    Come as often as you like
    U can have pretty hair for school!
    I've been also wanting practice the French twist too

  3. Well I can come in next monday after school if you d like :) And we can go from there ^^

    And hey I finally get a blogspot xP

  4. I can come like after school on monday and tuesday cuz I work the other 3 days and not sure my schedule on wkends. Thats ok :)?

  5. Sure what day and time is the best for you
    We'll start from there

  6. I can come wednesday nights?

  7. sure, I'll see you then ~___^