Gal Hair Show

oh i have so many new pictures to post but lazy and tired etcetc

today or well yesterday considering the time...
I went to the gal show really psyched about it but then T_T
severely disappointed, you'll see in the pictures -_-
they named it gal hair show T_T out of all of them I only say one gal hair style

with poof swept to the side and one side is twisted looking like a braid

well i can't say that was the only one there was another one which was like curly all over and pinned up here and there and a random poof poof on the back of her head which kind of looked like a turtle shell

really.... after a few more girls they went and pinned a pizza box to the sided swept hair girl and I think ? a bubble tea cup/straw thing in curly hair girl T_T

both colorings are amazing, maybe a bit on the solid side, they needed to add depth
and not to pretend to be .... modern? and pin a fucking pizza box on something thats already perfect T_T AND NO IT DOESNT MAKE IT CUTE IF YOU WRITE STRAWBERRY ON THE SIDE
maybe the way she was dress in a nice formal blue dress and fur cape-ish thing (kinda reminds me of something i wore... hmm.....)
that perhaps her hair would be better fitted with strong crisp black fishnet tulle fan with maybe soft white/silver or maybe a little bit daring purple ostrich feather fuz at the base.

I met up with Kim first and he apparently found his friends and eventually ditched me -_-
So any ways I made new friends and of course old friend, Shawna darling!
and Riyota? Iona?
T_T I forgets~
but they were lots of fun! I had my first tequila shots @_@ their not as bad as I THOUGHT it was going to be HOWEVER
T_T I had a huge headache when I got home as I was sobering, while at the club i couldn't feel my head pounding @_@ the music was more pulsating then my head

I hope to see them again!

On another note ^_^ did I tell you i'm going back to school?
hoping to take up English something certificate?degree?bachelor?
mom's really happy that I want to go back to school!
I was thinking, as i'm taking UBC transfer @_@ is it possible to take Japanese class as credit?

why that is any matter is because I can't wait to pick up from where I left off with Mayumi ^_^ THE MOST AWESOME TEACHER EVER!!!

left over pics
I almost wanted to grab the pin the from the stylist and pin the freak'n gigantic mess properly up, obviously it looks more creative awsome-ness with him holding it up T_T why didn't he just use a jaw clip kinda thing?
Kinda also looks like anna sui doesn't it? realize sounds a bit like a insult and it isn't, it looks good when your holding up the hair @_@

Second picture is nice not Japanese per se but it's good, something i've always tempted to try @_@ or alreadi did no pics because I failed

there's more but i feel lazy -_-


  1. haha omg ryota's face is horrible XD

    how was the bake sale today?