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My memory fails me but I can't remember when we had to change rooms again. was it early morning?? I just remember the receptionist did everything possible in his power (not really) to help us with our booking mishap.

we had breakfast in bed. it's good as always! crab cake Benedict, highly recommend it! the best thing is they use real crabs, like chunks of it !
oddly it's cold when it arrived...

entered the new room want back to bed for a short while before getting ready to meet some new friends!!

Before I left the room I had called house keeping to tidy up the bed again.
I practically ran downstairs to the lobby because some how I was late to meet with Laura! (in the black)

^_^ I'm glad she came because I was afraid to take public transit on my own (because I didn't so my research a head of time)

funny thing! they mistook me and charged me for a student ticket lol!

I guess I could still be in school. I would be doing masters at this age though @_@

We met up with Allyson at Remedy Tea. It's a nice place and open late. The decor inside is minimalistic and organic hipster^_^ the atmosphere is very open and free.

Allyson highly recommends the apple cinnamon? French toast. It was the best thing there ^_^!!!

Allyson wanted to walk back to town and since it was such a beautiful day so why not? boy did I ever regret that! me and Laura had so many blisters on our feet by the time we got to the hotel. then again it was worth it too.. we pass by an amazing park with many fountains. found a mysterious russian catholic orthodox cathedral AND we also past by hipster town ! and a really cool kind of modern vintage market (somewhere around melrose ave)

Funny thing I went back to my room and the house keeping only took off the sheets and left the new bedding folded on the bed?! am I suppose to do it ?!

I went back out for 30 mins and behold to my utmost anger the bed is not done!
by this time it is around 2?3?pm house keeping should be done by now. I phone them immediately and let them know that maybe house keeping forgot to finish.  ALSO to bring me up a flat iron and curling iron. Me and my friend then went out to the public market for about a few hours to shop for our charcuterie plate (mid night snack).

Did you know there is a whole maze of stores underneath Pike place?!

honestly there isn't much for prosciutto or cheese in Seattle VS Vancouver. we found something to snack later that night so we headed back to the hotel.

You won't believe what's waiting for me at the hotel. The bed is still not done.this time I agave them a piece of my mind. I've been more then patient and kind with them. I paid for hotel not motel. Even a motel at $50/night has a working shower and TV and the free continental breakfast 
isn't burned and the bed will be done. Sure there isn't much I can expect from the receptionist at a motel but at least they aren't snooty and unwilling to help. I had better service at Hyatt House. I don't expect hyatt olive8 to be like grand hyatt but I expect it to be better then motel6.

I took a nap, and you know what still no hairstyling tools. next thing you it finally comes !! I'm too tired to answer so maybe they'll hang it on the door. OH no!!! they use their key to get in!! seriously scared me!! no hotel should enter any rented out room. I could be going to the bathroom or w/e and can't get to the door right this incident. if there's no answer then you use your radio to call the front desk to phone me! their answer I can't believe they talk back! was that "do no disturb" sign was not out... who knows who opens you're door ?? a rapist employee?!!

we were suppose to go to the after parties but can't really find our way around and the GPS isn't updated and there were some huge road construction happening. I just wanted to go back and eat a maybe shitty steak and go to bed. I'm tired. we were stuck out for hours starving lost and tired. finally we just picked something off the side of the road.

to our surprise it was lovely!

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