I could barely wake up the next morning. I was half an hour late to meet up with my friend to do make up but she was late too. My make up took forever! I couldn't get the base right!

It was a pretty tiring day @_@ because I got mobbed by children. Not only that there were a few greedy children. I'm sure in all the frenzy they were confused and came twice but these specific children came to me 3+ time and I started recognize them. One even tried. to reach for my bucket when I already said " I already gave you candy more then once you need to leave some for other children" in which I slapped her out reached hand.

If it's not that there are some snooty picky children. We had some pretty awesome candy not the crappy lollipops and shitty tootsie rolls. It's like kitkats?aeros?smarties?? I'm giving you candy for free and you need to choose?? Not even in polite manner?? And aggressively demand from me?

The new generation seems to be quite selfish, self centred and above all they don't seem to feel the emotion "shame"

I've been working for many years here and work with both child and adult. I can honestly say I learn many many lessons from all my customers 

What I don't want my children to behave like
How I should handle a situation 
And what not to do

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