Olive 8


On the way down to Seattle I did my nails in the car! 
I'm trying on Deborah Lippmann's "Ruby Slipper"
I'm not sure if this is my color ...

After a long drive late into the night we arrive at Hyatt8. The receptionist wasn't the nicest, or very welcoming, but whatever it's late everybody wants to be in bed.

we get into our room and the room next to us has a baby, and he's just screaming. we ask for another room and the take us down the hallway and around the corner. 

it's a handicap room which is fine. The irritating thing is the shower head kept on sliding down the bar. The shower head is attached to a bar which you can adjust the height. It kept @?/9ing sliding down to the bottom, how is this handicap friendly room?!

you know what? I don't care I went to blow dry my hair there's no dryer! I went to turn on the TV to distract myself and it doesn't work. Seriously wth?!

No matter I'm determined to have a good time! house keeping brings me a dryer and the techy fixes the tv =D

to finish off the night we order some room service, we are starving. I've always had good experiences with their food it's delicious!

the first picture is what we received. How can the chef even serve a burned steak?!
You can't see in the picture very well, but the steak was leaking bloody water and the vegetables were soggy from sauce so the burned steak was sitting in a puddle of disgusting liquid.

We told them, and they brought us a new one. Can you see the difference??!!
When we were done I wheeled the cart outside. I'm not sure why they take such a long time to collect dishes but next door must of been super drunk because they ate the burnt steak.
we had heard loud sounds outside our room but ignored it. In the morning when we went out the tray is still there! and the burned steak I MIA.

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