here is a picture of my fat self attempting a more natural make up 
I no likies

I got to say this probably was my fattest moment in my life ! i have no idea how much I weight but I can tell through te picture. I ballooned back from my detox and I am looking forward to do it again and keep a better watch on the types of food I eat! but who can refuse a philly cheese steak?!

anyways ! I haven't been to PNE forever! this time it's very different because its about eating. I have never ate carnival food before BECAUSE my parents always made us kids eat before going.

I cannot believe I've been missing out on corn dogs!!!! wtf?! 

Then we discovered heaven!
I didn't ever see this part of PNE before!!!
the pulled pork omg! it's divine!!

we gobbled that up very fast =)

weird thing though...
we were sitting at the picnic table with our slushy and delicious BBQ and a teenage kid sits across from us. he smoothly saids "hi" to us. so we politely greet him. then he ask us if we could have some.

we try to explain to him as nicely that it's kind of weird to ask that since we have already eaten from it, that if he's hungry he should ask his parents for something to eat. 

you know if it was under different circumstance like a starving child I would get him a new one but this child fairly decently dressed and slightly chubby with his skateboard should ask his parents right?

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