baby get better!


poor guy he's not sitting on his feet at all, it must hurt a lot! the prognosis is good, no broken bones just popped the joint.
2-3 weeks in a cage that low levels.

so he's in his old cage, he's actually really sweet. or secretly plotting to escape because he's usually always very grumpy. I always try to take him lightly. now he is really dying for attention, he even climbs the cage bars which is a no no! in his condition!! to get my attention or meimei attention...

on the other hand meimei is being terrible he seems to have forgotten who davinci is and showing aggression. 

I hope they can be cage back together ..

i have decided to move da vinci cage behind the couch so that he cannot see Mei Mei. Da Vinci clearly misses and aggravates him =(

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