A new secret garden!?

A new a secret garden?!

yes lady and gents I have a new secret tea place... I know I shouldn't be hiding it but at the moment it's my little secret get away!

I've been going for the past two weeks ... having two servings of sweets!

They are the first i have ever complimented on coffee. I usually drink coffee for the morning wake up call, it's never been great (other then Starbucks specialty drinks..)

They also serve Kopi Luwak.... the most expensive coffee in the world .. because it's pooped out~!
I can't wait till the day I could try a sip of that!

Blueberry tart

Light taste with fresh blueberry and a dollop of cream topped with a macaron
taste like panna cotta with fresh strawberries.. if only there were more whole strawberries in the middle...

Strawberry Daifuku
first time eating a daifuku with an actual strawberry inside.. it was good

Cheese Souffle

a touch of salt made all the difference.. it is a very unique piece