D'light Salon and Miss Asia North America Pageant

Miss Asia

It was way to early form me to do anything more for make up other then the basic light weight foundation and as much liner I had time to put on =(
It was a super busy salon, maybe perhaps the crowded salon I have ever been to.
It was a good thing I decided to do my hair in ageha style, once the pageant girls saw me it really seemed that they were more open to have BIG hair ! (they were worried their hair maybe to big) First things to do on the girls.. was to curl and pin up those curls looking a bit like the land lady in rollers needing a ciggy.

Gyaru in Business Clothes = Power suit!!

I think during some point in time I was chasing my two pageant girls around. Making sure I'm on top of it. ... you know the usual, fab hair no fly aways right before they run on to stage and touch ups while they change.
... everything flew by so fast... I didn't even notice I started around 7am till like 12am
There were pockets of waiting time for camera whoring!

The next day the only thing I manage to do was to crawl out of bed for breakfast


  1. Wow! Sounds hectic-but-fun!

    I love your ageha hair! So gorgeous! :,)

  2. You´re so beautiful, no matter what you wear! You´re one of my biggest inspirations... so I wanna give a "One Lovely Blog Award" to you! =)


    Please... stay as gorgeous as you are, and keep blogging! I love to read from you! =D