Cos & Effect 2011


I dont normally go to anime convention..
Obviously the age old argument if we are are in costume or not.I rather not be asked or hear the comments.. my way of avoiding?

Anyways I decided to give it a shot.... I do like going to have a look at the merchandise!
But this year I really wanted to try out the fashion show.
Sounds like super fun~
My outfit
Dress/accessories - BTSSB
Stocking - no names
Shoes - DreamV
During rehearsal Anne was telling us walk her and pose here.
That's when I realize " oh right we're suppose to pose"
I have no idea ... I did prepare for that part....
How am I suppose to walk? last time I attempted my bf told me I looked drunk
I wanted to walk fun confident/fun and pose evil coy
anyhow that's the best picture capturing what I sort of wanted to show

I don't even remember I got this picture shot =D looks pretty tho~!
Special Thanks to Emerald and Anne for yet again planning something so amazing =D

Tony Dang
Steven Lu
Jason Wong
Sukhraj Bhattal

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  1. Ohh!! You looked so beautiful! Anne is really a clever girl and an amazing dresser herself!! She and Mika looked so adorable in their sort of matching outfits. XD

    You look just... like so stunning. Wow. Really, you look like a decadent bride or something! I love your coordinate!