Think before you buy a pet.
This poor soul I wish to take home with me. He has been neglected and or abused, because of this he's pulled out his own fur on both side of his hind legs and tip of his tail. One of the sales at the pet shop has the audacity to tell me they shaved the sides off because water got on his fur and it matted?! isn't is usually obvious if someone shaves off an animals fur in patches of straight lines some where. His fur has been clearly been bitten off... Another sales told me the truth.
Not only that.. I asked why he doesn't' have any hay, and the sales told me .." hay can only be given a little bit once a day because it's bad for them"

oh really?! did you know that hay provides calcium for them? did you also know that, they should be given as much hay as they want to eat? DID YOU ALSO KNOW the shit pet mix you give him will cause him to be picky and not eat his food? that it is only complete balance if he eats ALL HIS FOOD?!

The pet shop wants to sell him for $140 a 3 year old possibly abused chinchilla that is severely fearful and slightly nippy. They've offered him to me for less.

I hope somebody soon can take him away from the petshop. I hope no one will buy him out of pity, or without any clue how to take care of a chinchilla.

I do not have the money to buy him but I do have extra food/hay and extra cage and toys for him. If anyone would like to donate, I'd like to take him away from the petshop from loud noises and annoying children poking him.


  1. I hate pet shops that sell animals.. :( poor tiny thing <3

  2. I remember when I owned a chinchilla, she was missing her front leg (well it was all withered and nasty at first at least...) and the pet store I adopted her from said that hay was bad for chins. D: He sister ended up dyeing from not having enough fiber...
    I will be praying that he finds a good home! (If he's really in bad shape they should put him up for adoption, Petsmart/petco are not that great but they put Cici *my old chinchilla* up for adoption.)