Dress up

Bow Tralala
Shirt Tralala
Jacket Sex pot revenge
Shoes DreamV
Belt Ma*rs
Coffee Starbucks =P

God! Sometime ... Relationships can be such work. To continually make interesting moments happen and not merely just to be content at each others sight. For us we truly are narcissistic a couple, what we do is dress up for each other. It even goes as far as playing dress up in some store.

Charlotte Island body tint
By Lush

Every Summer for a short period of time, I like to be tanned! Gone through self spray, tanner and prof. sprayed. OMG with a tear drop, I get so orange I'm brighter then a orange glow stick! baking soda (Arm and Hammer brand) is your best friend should you turn orange. Mix with water into paste apply in circular motions, and rinse

Back to the product. When I tried it at the store I was sold, but when I got home I was ready to bawl my eyes out!
When I put it on, it started to become bits like glue on your hands after rubbing it off. It was super streaky and your able to... push the color around.

I went to their website to look for more information, why did it work at the store and not now?

Less is more!
Work in section ex. Top of thigh and bottom of thigh and left/right butt cheeks are different sections, I'd even say.. If you have fat thighs.. the inner thigh is another section!

So my final rating is 8
I like how I can be tanned instantly, also wash can off any time, color is not orange it's actually bronze

I don't like the smell, it smells like chocolate/ lemon grass, if u accidentally put too much ur screwed in that section plus you can fake a sun burnt look too..

To end off:
Look how cute Mei Mei is !!