Chinchilla Review

I ordered a corner hammock and various chew toys. This was the first time I could spoil my chin.. But I didn't have any idea what chinchilla toys looked like or what was safe other then pet shop chew toys and a plastic tube. So I had plenty of questions =) I search high and low looking for hammock that's looks well constructed and with a pattern that I like!

Communication 5/5
Quality 5/5
Will I order again ? 100% yes

I first saw this on a YouTube video of Pogo (a chinchilla)which had one in his cage
Plus I was urgently needing one too!
I emailed them several times to order before finally get a answer (people have lives right?)
I ordered on june 28 granted it takes them 2-3 days to make and takes 2 weeks or longer to arrive. After patiently waiting a whole month I decided that it's probably lost in the mail =(and should claim insurance and pay again and have them send another...after emailing them several times and checking junk mail everyday (apparently we dont receive each others mail) finally a answer ... That they may have lost the papers and need a few days. After a few days I'm sure it's lost and sent them a suggestion... Which was please send me another box because I cannot claim insurance and if both should arrive I will send them payment for a second one. No replies and it resulted me emailing them everyday thinking that my emails didn't go through.. After 5 days it seems obvious that I'm being ignored because my next letter was slightly threatening. in which I said "I really do not want to escalate claim on paypal, I would prefer the box.."
I instantly got a reply (aug.12) telling me they have replied me 3 time (I checked junk mail everyday) that they'll be sending another one to me in 2-3days... In return I replied them same day that they should also scan me the new receipts so that they wouldn't loose money or aggravate me more.
Since then I followed up on them but have received no replies =(
aug 15 the box arrives out of curiosity I had a look at the postage stamp.. It was dated and signed by forchinate chins in the declaration form july29.. Did they forget or something? It's definitely not the replacement box

Communication 1/5
Quality 3.5/5
Will I order again ? 15% maybe

I really want to order again for a back up hay box and the duplex chin house I also wanted to furnish my new cage by them but after this ordeal... I think whenever I have the money to throw away I'll order it again and expect it to not come...

Mail order girlfriend for Mei Mei!! I was referred from another site.. First time ordering on, the seller was extremely helpful guiding me through check out! The package came in record time!

Communication 5/5
Quality 5/5
Will I order again ? 100% yes

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  1. I love that you did a review on something like this! :D Great!
    Everything looks so nice ~ esp. the little stuffed chinchilla, that's so adorable!
    Your Chinchilla is just SO cute <33333