WE Coffee -FAIL

After eating at Santoyka, I was very super attracted to this nice looking tiny coffee shop, in between two mega restaurants Santoyka and Guu. Especially they had the menu for me to look at out side and immediately I was very attracted to this

which you can check out from their menu here

I ordered it from the manager, or so i think he is because he's the only one that is talking to ALL the customers, being friendly and asking how everything is.
So I told him very happily that i would like to order this. Do you know what he said to me?
this freak'n trifle is $8
HE TOLD ME that there is a minimum charge of 3.89$/person
then he goes on to flip the page for me to see

It's just me that wants dessert you know. I just finish eating fantastic ramen next store and 3.89 /person is not does not amount to the 7.99 for the parfait!

If you want to be cheap about it don't put your puny little store in nice part of robson next to these tycoon of awesome restaurant. You might as well stay in Richmond

I was super shocked and zillion words flying through my mind, and finally settled down when BB ordered hot chocolate.

Which isn't fair because we met the criteria and he is only here to sit with me because I wanted dessert.

-_- let it go... *breathes*

I should of stood up and walk away.

Here's the best part of all! this is what the strawberry triffle looks like.
what is that? french fries? NOTHING at all looks like the menu. Worst of all those lil sponge cake I know where they're from its the asian honey sponge cake. Not only that the cream is just regular cream with maybe one whole strawberry chopped up and a dollop of custard in a REGULAR size martini glass. Which is REALLY small.

and for some reason the waitress thought it was a great idea to give me a fork and knife.

Time to pay up and leave took them forever to notice that we wanted the bill. The place had only 5 tables and ONLY half empty! What took them so long? Finally they give us the bill and they don't come back to take the money to give us change. We waited for a good 5 mins. the waitress was MIA and the manager? he was just chatting away with some friend at the register. If you don't want our money we don't need to spend it here at your pathetic store.

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