Dec 5
Invited Traci out for random "how've you been?, haven't seen you around lately!"
We did the usual thing walk around Dt not much special T_T

We tried Guu Garden, they're good. the sashimi is wonderful!
they have this one called, rainbow chirashi. The way they make it is quite adorable. Different kids of sashimi laid over top a ball of rice. Kind of like a rainbow ball!

The problem with the place is that it is sort of expensive. Reason being is that, you can order a lot of food and still be hungry because its only vegetables and fish.

At least they still have our favorites XD

Also practiced the the suji style? I thought it was called mori T_T youtube is misleading me? or other wise?
the front is good
the side is @$%@$%
the back is i dont even know

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