I was trying to do my nails yesterday and well T_T why do they take forever to dry!?
As you can see i've ruined the edges

Seeing as how unfortunate this year is T_T
I'm not expecting anything from anyone, so I can't help but buy myself presents
however.. on the other hand I shouldn't be spending at all...
... as for saying that... IT DOESN'T MEAN PITY ME T_T


  1. Kyaaa !! your nails are soo cute !! <3
    You're so good at doing nails ! xDD
    I LOVE IT >x<

  2. <3
    Yeah i love my little cute Tattoo very much :D and next year i will make another one under the wings, but still thinking about, what can i do :D

    (haha sry for my bad english)