Christmas Day 2010

We weren't sure when our anniversary was was it 12am dec25?26? i'm sure it was 25th!
Only places that were open were those asian malls. Not sure why but we went grocery shopping. BB already did but I didn't feel that a loaf of bread and a few wine glasses were groceries. SO we bough at least 3 days worth of sukiyaki (we almost eat this everyday!) and also! found my favorite dipping sauce for those wonderful dumplings his mom made for us! super delicious @_@bought two of those because for a short while they were sold out! *horrified face*
and of course xiao long bao! love to the max!
i assume this is good enough for at least a week or so.

We got home super tired but i started cooking anyways! it's a special dinner ! no?

T_T..... i think i need to learn plating or something to make the food look nice
THAT just looks like.. puke on broccoli?
At was very tasty =_=

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Portobello Mushroom Chasseur Sauce

Rossdown Farms Chicken Breasts stuffed with Honey Ham and Swiss Cheese in Portobello Mushroom Chasseur sauce 
with caramelized onion & parmesan mash and almond broccoli

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