boxing day 2010

Woke up late for boxing day I think I finally got out of the house around 10am. I desperately wanted to go to the flower shop next to the hills for xmas decorations
the night before I noticed they still had a few sweet decorations
the picture to your left was taken sometime beginning of christmas.
Click to enlarge. The first time I saw it I went almost the very next day to pick up a few. GAWD they're sooo expensive. I only bough a slice of cake/a piece of chocolate/a strawberry dipped in milk choco drizzled with white choco. and that came to be about 30 something?
So of course being good little me I waited to get the rest of it.
When I went there one hour late from their opening and everything is gone. I only managed to buy a candy cane. The shop next to it also had some interesting ornaments. There was one in particular I wanted.. but I think it is probably WAAY to heavy for my tiny little pink daiso tree (the branches are very weak) it's a clear glass ball with the Arc de Triomphe inside with some little specs of snow. Kind of like a ... snow globe effect with out the water

We then went to Faubourg. I forgot if i went to eat first or bough the xmas deco first.

It's actually really nice to have such a nice pastry shop near BB house. Breakfast is always served! (viki favorite breakie: fresh fruits pastry and coffee)
Had the lemon tarte .... ohhh! it was soooo so so so sooooo sour T_T they needed more of the sweet cream on the bottom. =_= ANGELA! YOU *point point* suggested it to me!
BB had the croissant nice and crunchy and warm.....
we shared a roast beef baguette together. it's really good and I'm surprised that there is also small mozzarella balls inside too! unfortunately I think they didn't use a very good grade of beef. BECAUSE! there was so many, i don't know the word in english? tendons? annoying stretchy fat that is almost impossible to chew apart?So we were having a hard time taking a BITE and then try to not pull the rest of the beef out along with it AND THEN try to swallow with out having the gag reflex act up because that trail of fat is down the throat and the rest of the meat is still chewing in mouth. Do someone understand what i 'm trying to say?

Any how! We arrive downtown, some what irritated at the traffic and oceans of people in downtown.We first went to the art gallery! For I saw a few weeks back those adorable bear christmas ornaments. Seriously who would buy them for $20?! thats like $5/each and they're tiny too... about the size of my thumb.. anyways! I was patient and waited till boxing day at 50% off. Still expensive but you know what... at least I got a discount on them!
There was another set of a lot of tiny ornaments but for 45$?! not including tax?! and even with 50% discount... still expensive ... if only I were not going to asia.

What a inconvenient time to go to asia. One hand I have all this money saved up(which isn't a lot) to go and on the other hand it's @#$@#$% boxing day and everything I see that I want is for sale! *le sigh* Extremely kool rock pants and couture like dress and heels that don't hurt from Marciano?! two of them have additional 50% off and everything else that are new have 30% off
*sigh* Juicy couture charms the dice/visa/carousel all for 40% off...


BB went to try on a boy lolita outfit! looks absolutely smashing on him! oh I could kiss him to death!
When boyfriend is too awkward to pose, place boyfriend in kool pose.

-chin down a little bit

-close eyes

-smile just a little bit
Those who remember those who dont. Scroll down

I recently bought "itty bitty bake set!"

I know its for children but how could I resist?

T_T deffinetly not a 8+ more like 20+ yr old toy!

T_T gawd! i mean it's easy but the mess T_T because it was my first time making icing (suprised?)and especially fondant -_-

litterally a explosion cloud of powdered sugar all over the place*dies*

it looks like BB likes eating sweets after all @_@ .. long as I make it...
I think...

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