Dec 7

I dont know why they put "art" beside the border. You know how your not suppose to take pictures at the border to avoid being pulled over and your car stripped?
I guess this piece of art is suppose to be maybe end of the world everything kind of burned up this coming Dec 2012

Breakfast wouldn't be breakie with out the morning face palm at Jack in the box! having a all American steak sandwich for breakfast @_@
We first stopped by this really empty outlet mall but we did find interesting things!Micky sparkly hair band. (i didn't see the silver one there T_T)

We also found this really cool toy that I was tempted to buy if only they had a new one and less expensive! D-Rex. Search it on youtube! It's super cute

Spotted this at target XD dam cute!

of course I also go to run to Victoria Secret and spend like 2 hours in there @_@
Sorry I made you guyz wait x.x....
I was getting so disappointed because i wanted the balconet style of bra and none of them seem to fit properly. until the sales found one that looked like it but wasn't. I was happy but not happy it wasn't flashy colors T_T I wanted to get it but at 45$ it wasn't IT. Last thing I looked at was wondering if they had the panties with jingle bells on the butt. I asked and BEHOLD! THEY HAVE! Immediately found matching bra and extra NORMAL looking pantie and ran to the fitting room ran out thanked the paitent sales int he change room for helping me and dashed off to the cash register XD!
(scroll down entry of hot Victoria secret model wearing jingle butt)

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