Soon to be cruising

So to start off I dwl this app in hopes I'll blog more

Today it occurred to me that everything is finally happening.
Like it's almost there!!
Aka cruise oct9

I was starting to go crazy from not relaxing, I felt so over worked from Vancouver! My last vacation was in April 09. After that I started work at P-Salon. I wanted to be a good employee so I never took a day off except for my bday, which I still went to work for half the day. Even when I was sick I didn't take the day off unless it was serious. As I work there I realized that the job is high stress. The work isn't hard but the environment was harsh. The longest job I've held and still holding is Granville island. The boss is a doll the people is wonderful the island is beautiful. I had imagined that at the salon I would work non stop meet new people and do my own thing. Instead it became a prison. A promise of a better future that never came. If I could sue him for bullying and making me depressed and almost suicidal. I would. So here it is world! The reason why I was depressed a few months back. Being fired because I cared to much because I hinted to the new girl who i might add only worked 3days, that if she needed more time to think before she signed a year of her life away she can ask for it.
I know it was not my place. But looking at her I saw a reflection of myself, how hopeful and energetic I started out to be versus at the time no hope or energy to go on. so I said to her, one year is a big commitment.

I clearly do no have a commitment issue (still holding Granville island job of 3+yrs) I stayed at the salon even though I was treated like a dog, punished for having a personality that it is, and (not never) rarely loved.
There for I was not good fit.
So. Dear diary do you blame me for caring?

Anyhow this post is suppose to be about vacation!
the first trip is off on a cruise. I have been very jealous of my parents since they learned cruise is fun. It sounds extremely relaxing! Finally it's my turn though I think even though it's paid for I won't have much money to bring with for shopping?

Vancouver -> L.A. -> Vegas!!

Omg everyone this year of my family and friends all went to Vegas! And sad little me had to go work =(

After much day dreaming I thought of a wonderful idea! Wouldn't it be nice since I'll be bringing all my nice clothing, every evening or after dinner for a martini/cocktail at the lounge and attempt to be social-able with people who I will most likely never see again =P

I have trouble at hair shows because while everyone is mingling I'm wilting away because I'm shy!

But then again I also want exciting ness of flirting so I mean I could pretend to be single. Then again I'm not very attracted to any guy as I am to BB

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