FAT sept 15

B 34
H 38.5
LT 18.5
RT 18.5

W 26
H 34
LT 16
RT 16
day 1
ahhh i can't all the suggested reps
T_T hurts
at least i'm sweating
come on fat! sweat off of me and never come back bitch!

what could I do better next time:
eat an hour half hour before hand so i dont have to eat big afterwards
find some sort of good snack to eat afterwards

1 comment:

  1. How come people who are close to my measurements/weight to height ratio are always so much skinnier than me? :(
    I saw that photo of you at the PNE and you look so skinny! You don't need to lose any weight. Damn my wide hips >< I'm really trying to tone my arms and legs because they're still flabby.