My birthday

If my birthday can't be perfect which it can't, because it relies on other people.
If that cannot happen I want myself to be perfect beautiful !

I was talking to my friend next store about my birthday she told me "it should be only about you the people who are going are going because and for you <3"

So those who know and those who don't
I have two b-day parties, one if the afternoon with my secret life, you my darling Lolita friends! with you!

and another one with my boring friends you normal people which also make half of my life and made my teenage life bearable, i do not know where I would of been now if I did not have you!

So on another note all about this birthday party everyone has been asking what I want

I think it's best everyone if you'd like to get me anything a donation, towards my trip and towards student loan, but if you must have give me an item instead
giftcards to holt renfew, sephora, la senza

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