Day4?? horribly sick
Day5?? lost count

Even though I have a cough, after exercising my sinuses feel much better. I CAN BREATHE!

I still feel the burn I think it's pretty good. Some of you PM me asking what I'm doing.

1. elbows on ball, plank position raise leg to chest (10 times each leg)
2. hold position for 10 secs.
3. push up position with ball at ankle (a+b= 1 set) do 10 sets
A - do one push up
B - in push up position, pull knees to chest (roll boll along with)
4. ball on wall behind your back, bend at knees (90degrees) and stand up do 10X
5. lie down with both hands on the side, ball underneath ankle, raise butt, roll ball inwards do 10 sets
6. stay lying down, raise leg up and rest back on top of the ball (for stretching)
7. standing do leg raises to chest 15X each leg

1-7 is one set, repeat, do 3 sets.

8. hot bath as cool down

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