Working on old recipes

My partners in crime easily OD on the food I make. Which sucks because .. How will I improve if I don't make it 10x in a row?!

The first French onion soup of the year! And it one of the best I have ever made and I proudly say mine is better then any restaurant in Vancouver! It still needs tweaking but I got to make a stronger base for the soup. I also decided that I don't like eating croutons, because this little piggy munched on it soooo veraciously, i burned myself and scraped the skin off the roof of my mouth 😭.... I always seem to have this problem with any toasted or hard outer shelled breads. You'd think by now i would have a thicker skin but I don't. It also goes as far as "how to eat a sandwich" = squish it and in process crack the shell.... 

Duck confit on wild mushroom risotto
This one time i ran out of spelt(which is what I use for risotto), soooo..I tried using arborio and barley. I don't know why anybody would wants to use arborio rice. It didn't work for me because it's not very forgiving when cooked. It was too mushy for me and also the texture is like chinese rice. 
The I tried barley, it was easy to cook but omg I'm was drowning it with broth and still it would hold up its shape and texture(meaning it was quite stiff).
 I still like spelt most, it's not as soft like arborio rice but not as stiff as barley, so if you make risotto, give spelt a try!

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