Nitrogen Ice cream

Doesn't it look magical? 
This is the "new" cool way to makeice cream. While whipping the cream you pour in nitrogen to freeze the whipped cream therefore making ice cream. This technique gives a more fluffy and softer texture, but is it all fluff? It's like a bag of chips, it's half air. This is called overrun, because of this it can mask a shitty recipe. All I can do is trust when the board saids "local ingredients". Now you know why local craft ice cream is so dense. You get what you pay for. 

Lik N2 ice cream 
(Get the pun? Lick into ice cream ? lick nitrogen ice cream ?)

Love the little bits of frozen strawberry and peach. Most of all I'm happy to say it does not taste like fake fruit! It's a good mix and very very fluffy. Probably one of the best textures I've had!
If you haven't already seen my Instagram there is a video up of them making it!

Made by Mister
Isn't this novel? Not only made with nitrogen it also gets torched! This is the only flavor that is a custard ice cream. That means it contains yolk! It gives it a very convincing eggy taste and texture. I wish it had wider surface area I like the crackly burned sugar, but that's always how it is.. Isn't it? Always keep you wanting more.

And again if you haven't already checked out my Instagram there's also a video of this ice cream too lol

Final thoughts
Is it worth all the hype?? For the novelty of this, I think yes. Is it actually worth it? I have no idea.
But I can say it taste good and I had a lot of fun!

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