French Toast

I can't stress enough how great my little countertop oven is. The current style I have is not my favourite but it gets the job done. To give you an can fit half a 10" pizza in there. I prefer the previous oven better as it could fit a whole 10" pizza or 6 muffin pan ... Or a small chicken?


Today I made brioche French toast and as if the fat content wasn't enough I wanted MORE buttery taste. So this presents a small problem, it would mean that "I" (the lazy butt) would need to add/melted butter into the pan for finishing touches. Since you cannot add it in the beginning because it would burn. If you don't get I mean..when you finish making the toast and while it's still in the pan you add butter and swirl toast to get a nice coat or I could do what everybody else does and add knob of butter ontop of the toast and serve.

So bright idea and mistake brought to me a new method! ( why not have melted butter mixed into the batter?)

1. Melted butter in large bowl
2. Add milk (I only had cream)
*realize -shit! - the milk cooled down the butter and now it's lumpy. Continue anyways...
3. Add egg
4. Whisk lightly
-butter breaks down into tiny little pieces-
5. Dip bread in batter
-realize I get wonderful coatings of butter bits-
6. Pan fry in oiled pan until golden brown
-butter bits disappear -
7. Place in table top oven on middle wire rack at 275F, until ready to serve
- do not place on metal pan as it won't be as crispy -
8. Finish making the rest and serve

This accident made me a scrumptious and rich french toast! Try it sometime and let me know what you think =D

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